Day 6 – That’s Funny

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I don’t have any idea what your expectations were when you were single and wondering about marriage.

Maybe you thought —> Marriage is so easy. I’ll do it right and there will be no problems. My marriage won’t be anything like _______’s!

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We all do that. We all think we’ve got the best plan for a happy relationship. Only…

Real life marriage is nothing like the in-your-head kind of marriage. It’s full of responsibilities and misunderstandings. Both of which can wear you down and test your loyalty. Not everybody can hack it. That’s why we see so many people call it quits. It’s hard to stick it out.

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Before I married my hubby….I thought I knew exactly what it would take to make me happy. He, turns out…would not have made the cut if I had stuck to that idea in my head. He’s just about as opposite of every thing on my husband wish-list that I had in mind.

Really, he’s better.


The first thing that attracted me to my hubby was his sense of humor. He’s funny. He’s smart funny. He’s also silly funny when I need it most. I loved that about him then and I really appreciate it about him now.

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Laughing in marriage is good, really good. Hard times will knock you both around without warning. Sad stuff will happen and one or both of you will lose hope a time or two. Having someone to love that makes you laugh might be the single strand that holds you together some days.

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Today’s challenge: Make each other laugh

Send your spouse something funny in a text.
Play a funny video.
Do that thing that always cracks him up.
Tell him a joke.
Smile at him. Every time you see him this weekend, smile.
Laugh at HIS JOKES.
Let your kids see you having fun.
Be happy.

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