Texas Through My Lense

When in Texas….

ranch 17

It’s important to soak up as much fun as I possibly can.

ranch 1

Like ride the streets of my favorite hood (the ranch).

ranch 6

Party with my soul sister friend and twin, Ms J!

ranch 2

Create beautiful stuff together. All of it from the property.

ranch 8

Relax in the sunshine with my sweetboy and his best girl.

ranch 4

Hit the town for dinner with friends.

ranch 5

Eat a little. Or a lot.

ranch 14

Tease Ms Lizzy.

ranch 10

Ride more roads.

ranch 11

Run into buddies out on the farm.

ranch 12

Peek back as you drive the farm and see the beauty of the lodge.

ranch 13

Wonder how anyone could ever live without “country”.

ranch 15

Take your best girlfriends to Dallas for a little shopping.

ranch 7

Dine at the fanciest dinner parties with the cutest little boyfriends. This dude is my whipped cream loving honeybun.

ranch 9

Watch my guys fly the drone around and NOT CRASH IT!!

ranch 3

Relax some more.

ranch 18

Stop drop and change up hair colors. 49 opens up all sorts of bravery. I’m over worrying about hair, I like change.

ranch 19

The results.

ranch 20

Wake up to beautiful Texas sunrises with coffee by the lake.

ranch 16

Sunbathe. Boo boo girl is nursing a wound. Notice her medical wrap? Yea, she believes the end is near.

ranch 21

Horse around a little.

ranch 22

Catch a glimpse of history in a REAL LIVE STORE. The south hasn’t completely lost its mind over history.


And of course…..take Ms Lizzy to the beauty parlor for a fancy hair-do!

Texas has it all. Maybe that’s why I hog it up as much as I do while I visit.

God bless Texas.

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