Take Off


I fell asleep last night thinking about my son landing safely in Bogata Columbia.  For the first time in my mom life one of my kids was far far away exploring life in a brand new exciting way in a completely different country.  If I wanted to I could allow my mind to jump into a giant pit of worrying.  But, that’s just crazy!  He’s a grown up man with a little life experience and a smart mind….

Plus, he’s there with friends and native Columbian family.  That gives me great comfort.  What if he decided to just jet off on his own?  Perhaps my feelings would be different.

Today he’s traveling on to Cartagena to grow up and become a man that makes big boy decisions away from his mom & dad.  So, this is how it goes — you rock them all hours of the day & night and they grow up and vacation in other countries.


Can I blame him?


Oh no.  No I can’t!

Note to self :  Stop procrastinating!   Get that passport and hit the road!

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