Clean Start For Everyone

Failure is one of life’s most powerful teachers.


Nothing moves us to action the way failure does.

For many of us, failure beats us up like a bully on the playground then takes our lunch money and calls our mama fat. There we lay….bloody, broke and humiliated. Only, grown up life doesn’t wait around for us to be found by the teacher on duty. It doesn’t hand us vindication in the form of seeing our troublemakers punished or our wounds all cleaned up and mama called to come get us. Big people failure leaves a gaping hole that only God can heal.

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I can’t help but think that the way we deal with real life as grown adults stems from what we experienced as a child. Children who grew up with forgiveness and a clean start after making a mistake or breaking a rule have an advantage over us that felt shamed and scolded. Think about it. When you were a kid did you feel free to mess up? Did you learn to get over mistakes and move on? Or were you held like a hostage to every poor choice? Were you taught to get over it and make a new start? Or were you tied to your shortcomings and branded for life to every bad decision?

Let downs, failures and mistakes all have a role to play in every person’s life. They mold us, teach us valuable lessons and mimic the hope that can be found in Christ.

It’s time to get over it, friends. Today is the day for you and me to rise above our mistakes & shortcomings. What Christ has done on the cross for you and for me offers us the complete and utter fullness of His forgiveness. He has given each of us a clean slate.

Have you accepted his Grace? I hope so. You deserve a fresh start.

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Happy Monday!

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