Yes, I Have SuperPowers

I’m high as a kite on happy today. All because of yesterday. I took the day to myself because of a major flare up with my left arm. Yes, the pain is still wrecking my life and no, no one has any idea what IS causing it. My last round of x-rays were negative (again) and the doctor suggested I do therapy and take Lyrica. To which I said, “No thank you!”. Did you know the first WARNING on the info regarding Lyrica is MAY CAUSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR SUICIDE?

That’s real. I kindly declined the drug considering one of the caveats to having unbearable pain in my shoulders and arms has been the horrible depression hanging over me during it. I just didn’t feel Lyrica had anything “good” to offer me if that was the first side-effect it mentioned. Bye Felicia!

Anyway, back to my high.


I needed to take my ring in for some loose stone repairs (legit business) which led me to the mall. I dropped off my ring and headed over to the handbag section because Macy’s was having a S A L E (what’s new?). Besides, I was only looking. Just la-di-da browsing around. Until, I spotted it just hanging there flashing its leathery beauty neon lights right at me! THE BAG I HAVE BEEN WISHING FOR – FOR A LOOOOOONG TIME.

dooney dreams

Why? Whyyyyyyyyy? I’m trying to live very frugally so I can continue to mooch off my hubby and not have to “do” like most other healthy Americans and get a real job. I hate spending money! Someone always needs it more than I do and I’m not talking about Macy’s.

After sending my hubby a picture, he called and said, “Get it! Happy Mother’s Day!”. WHAT WHAT?

Okay, hurt arm twisted. Sales lady, ring it up!

I floated away happy and hopped the escalator up to the 2nd floor because I had been dying to use the restroom for the last 2 hours when lo and behold, the bra section had a buy one get one 1/2 sale going on too.

Boom, 2 bras in the bag. My life cannot get any more glamorous, am I right?

Since this post is all about my superpowers – I suppose I should explain where all my power comes from….

Women need things. We need security. We need comforts. We need love. We need affection & admiration. We need encouragement. We need acceptance. And we need new bras, handbags and dishwashers!

It’s simple.

So, not only did I get the purse I’ve been wishing for yesterday and a few new bras for the tas, the Lord saw fit that my hubby install THIS —>


Just look at it. Isn’t it amazing?


Wowzie mcwowzie face! I’m in loooooove!

New purse, new bras and a new dishwasher?!?! What is this? My birthday? Tell me you get excited and all your superpowers get all amped up too?

So, here’s what I did with all my wimpy armed superpower –>

deep dish

Created a deep dish pizza masterpiece and baked up a delicious butterscotch pie.

butterscotch pie

Men, see all the good that comes from meeting your wife’s needs? Her engine gets all revved up and she cooks your favorite foods from scratch.

Girlfriend is happy <3 Thank you, Honey!

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