I can officially move on into summer now that THE VOICE has ended with a big fat TEAM CHRISTINA VICTORY!! Can I say that it’s about time a lady won this gig? Way to go, chicks!


Girl power, lady!!

Although, I knew it would end this way the moment this little Curly Sue dynamo stepped up to the microphone during the blind auditions! Wowzer wowzy!

winner winner

I called it. I knew Alisan Porter would walk away the winner! And I also called Adam Wakefield as being there with her. Just call me a talent scout, I deserve it. I’ve called the winners for the last few seasons…I AM THAT DANG GOOD, Y’ALL!

Alisan’s story is inspirational as are most of The Voice winners. She was a child star who played the cute kid in the movie Curly Sue. She made some bad choices, ended up with an alcohol dependency….grew up, got married, had some babies and then realized she hadn’t really chased down her true dream – to sing!

Congrats to Alisan because sister can sing and she deserved to win last night!

The night was full of amazing performances with exciting artists but the love I have for THIS LADY —>

allison k

……..ALISON KRAUSS is borderline bonkers (me not her)! She performed with Adam Wakefield and I could’ve listened to them all night long!

My hubby actually took me to see her in concert when we lived in Louisville several years ago. (Best gift ever) And, he has never minded how loud my girls and I play her music. Which is pretty loud since that lady can croon!

[Last night’s performance]

Her voice, her fiddle….her pretty long hair. Okay, so I love her. I’m not driving by her house or anything. It’s a fan kind of love and that’s that. I have my limits.

So, there’s my re-cap of The Voice finale. It was perfect! I’m free on Monday & Tuesday nights now if anyone wants to do anything fun! Haha!

Happy Wednesday <3

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