Everything Heals


I’m a firm believer in IF YOU’RE GOING THROUGH HELL…..KEEP ON GOING!! So, while I’m down in the dumps about my family’s future it’s only fitting that I feel all the feels handed down by our Lord Jesus in the form of medical procedures.

So far this week……I have done the following:


Why, yes. That is a Mammogram machine! In all the years of having this procedure, this one was the jewel in my crown. I could barely move in bed later that night I was so sore.

But, hey….it’s D O N E !!

Next, I waltzed my freckles and old lady spots into the Dermatologist. There I prayed for ONLY GOOD NEWS because, ya know…FLORIDA GIRL! I’ve had more sunburns than the cancer law should allow and I was starting to get a little concerned with all the weird places that have popped up on my almost 50 year old body!

They don’t play in that office. Before I could pay and get the heck out of dodge, they REMOVED something scary off my lower back and froze multiple whatchamacallits off my hands and arms. Oh, even two spots UNDER MY DANGED ARM! As in, my armpit! Yeowtch! I wasn’t expecting to feel this crummy but in all honesty, I’m grateful it didn’t hurt more and even more thankful that my face is healthy and whole.

If you could see my hands & arms right now you would know why.

So, while I’m on a roll….next stop, DENTIST & GYNECOLOGIST!!!

I’m determined to NOT to let this year kill me! While my mind keeps playing tricks on me to feel stress and worry….I’m trying to be proactive and head off any serious disease or illness that might be lingering in the shadows of my body. Stress can bring on some wing-dingers of sickness and I’m not going down that easy.

list it

I’m thankful to be alive. Aren’t you?

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