Baby Steppin’ to Fall

Before the white shoes could even get shuffled to the back of the closet…..I was at Hobby Lobby buying fake fall flowers to dude up my front porch! It’s the day after Labor Day, guys!

first fall

Baby steps. Really, I didn’t go all gold, yellow and mum-like. I promise.

Well, okay… a few mums planted too.


I couldn’t help it. We LABORED all day yesterday, cleaning the house and pulling out flowers. So, I had to stick something in the ground.

he is an angel

Do you see this man’gel! He works like a feign! Give the man a tool and he’ll work til the cows come home. Give him a tool that cranks up and makes noise….he’ll die either by falling or exhaustion.

workin it

What was I doing? I’m glad you asked because I was slaving too!

work it

I moved furniture, pulled plants, replanted flowers, stood around watching my guy and helped when he called down for assistance.

And because you deserve to know, I’m just like every other fool out there when it comes to using my cellphone camera. I snapped my old lady self!

me at it

Gorgeous, ehh!

We chopped down our big beautiful sunflowers too. I loved them with an everlasting love, people!

sun sun

They are now birdfood on my back fence.

sun fl

I have plenty of hungry bird mouths to feed. It’s like I’m running my own bird soup kitchen. I love it!

carpal t

It’s becoming my past-time thanks to the cruddiest case of carpal tunnel ever! I almost live in these braces to ward off the danged pain!

Which is a real bummer when you have half of a book written and you want to finish it before the fire goes out in your brain.

Hands from H E double-hockey sticks!

Coming soon, all the fall decorating a woman can do without painting her house red. 🙂 See, baby steppin!

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