In a Perfect Place

I turned 50 this week. It came in like a silent wind, without a bit of fanfare or hoopla. Unless of course you count the horrendous flare up of pain in my right shoulder, arm and hand, again. I spent my day agonizing and whining and asking for help doing simple things like….pulling up my pants and turning over in bed.

It was awesome.

But, that only lasted for 3 days and I’m finally starting to be me again. Pain changes you. It alters everything, not just the body. Which I’ve finally grasped is pretty much on a bonafied trip of betrayal.

So, day after the big 5 0…my family gathered together to party like rockstars all in my honor! Winning!

Since it was MY DAY and all….I chose to have a little family photo shoot. It’s been way too long since our last family pictures. They aren’t edited yet but I wanted to share a few of my favorites.


Turning 50 isn’t so bad since I know he’ll do the same thing this coming week. It’s a lot of fun having birthday’s 10 days apart.


The three best parts of us.


These grown up kids, I love them.


My son photographed us and told me how much I reminded him of my mother. See, finally….I’m old.


The Galloway family. Perfectly created in God’s image.


The photo shoot was like an appetizer to the rest of the celebration because once we got back home and had dinner my kids surprised me with the sweetest birthday box of goodies —

birthday par

This is a pile of L O V E just for me! I cried reading cards, notes and letters from so many who love me and care for me. Memories, photos and funny stories. I can’t even describe how loved I felt. Thank you, Ally for contacting in secret people from all of my life and asking them to love on me just a little for my 50th birthday. It was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

This is a birthday that I’ll never forget.

Here’s an amateur video of me trying to get through just one letter. I was a puddle of emotions. Thank you sweet friends and family. So much.

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