Your Mistakes Don’t Define You

I haven’t left home since Wednesday. I’ve been living as if I were snowed in and I’m probably not the sharpest tool in the box because of it.

I just watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl THINKING I was totally joining the rest of the world and catching up on Gilmore Girls.

Who does that?


I mean, really. These people are horrible! Shallow, self-serving rich people who don’t give a stink about anyone on the earth but themselves. I don’t need that in my life right now.

I’m already living that reality. Have I mentioned my hubby hasn’t had a job in 79 days? Yea. It’s getting hairy around here.


Really? Me too girlfriend!

Not only am I spacing out and watching the wrong chick flick tv shows….My hubby’s sick as a D O G with the flu or some sort of death plague! Every single day over the holiday (oooo, holiday. Doesn’t that sound like a happy word? Yea, no it’s been heck), he woke up feeling 10 times worse than the day before. In other words, that idea of sleeping it off…..ya, nope! Not happening. Seems as though sleep made him even sicker.

So much fun for Thanksgiving.

While the rest of the world was having fun with family or dragging out their Christmas stuff, we were all waiting to call the ambulance.

Hint: I’m useless without him!

Never ever have I looked forward to going to work more than this weekend.

gos gir

Thanks Gossip Girl. Here’s where we break up though. Bye meanies, hello fresh new day/week/month/life!

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