When Do I Give Up?

Pressing on has been my mantra. The cards I’ve been dealt have been rotten. Still, I’ve pressed. Somedays, I’ve looked at the glass half-full and others that badboy has been half-empty in the middle of a blazing squelching desert and the car’s out of gas!

But, I’ve snapped out of my low boohoo “feelings” and looked ahead with hope.

I know who I am in the grand scheme of my circumstances. I know WHOM I belong to no matter how broke, broken or beaten up I get. He will restore me and make me better because that’s the kind of God He is (Joel 2:25). That’s why, I press on.

On bad days, I imagine ways to escape and run away leaving behind any record of my being there in the first place. On good, I sing…smile and run wild with hopes for my future.

Pretty radical, huh?

That’s what the mind can do to us (to me…to you) when we let it run rampant. It tricks us and tells us to over-think, to analyze, to worry, to doubt, to give-up! Don’t listen to that fickle. mushy trouble-maker.

Why? Because, that’s the place where giving up grows.

This is one of the reasons I surround myself with God’s Word. If you’ve ever been to my house, you’ve noticed I have scripture or encouraging words on my walls and countertops. I need it — it helps drown out all the other voices that haunt me and try to invade my mind.

The mind is a battlefield.

I’m not giving up. I confess, I’ve wanted to. At my lowest, I’ve screamed out MERCY! I’ve face planted in tears when job loss has nearly ruined us and I’ve begged for help. Still, my God –> He’s there pushing me to press on.

So, I will.

I will keep my eyes on the hope I have in Him. There are no mundane days, all are hope-filled and sacred. It’s just a matter of paying attention. God is here, working and blessing even in and especially in the hardest of my days.

He’s doing that in your life too.

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