I used to think hotdogs would be what killed me. Scratch that. It’s stress. S T R E S S is out to take me down! I can’t describe how powerful it is over me right now. It’s almost physical. As if, I can actually feel it picking me up over its head and throwing me straight down to the ground with full force.

It hurts.

My face is all krinkled up (Botox can’t even release this tensed up face of mine), my shoulders are drawn together tighter than a cork on a champagne bottle and my mind is reeling with desperate thoughts. I’m not lying when I say that stress wants to kill me. It is that powerful!

You probably know this already but I’ll say it anyway, job loss robs you of more than financial security.

Don’t get me wrong, lack of money can make you want to run far away from all your life and its responsibilities. Seriously, WHERE’S THE EXIT DOOR OF THIS PAIN?

Job loss robs you of your peace.

It smashes your confidence.

It destroys your joy.

It blasts your heart with all the brokenness of every rejection and lost opportunity.

It steals your thoughts and turns them into schemes of desperation.

It jacks with your knowledge by making you feel stupid regarding issues you know inside and out.

It creeps up like a black mark on your past achievements and tries to whisper negative thoughts.

It compounds every weakness.

It holds you hostage in a link to the person or persons who “let you go for some other company” and replays over & over the day they told you to get lost.

It wrecks you.

It takes away your smile.

Steals your rest. Pushes you to turn to anything ugly or unhealthy and stuff it down in your body. It makes sure you’re too wrapped up in worry to have fun or let go and let God.

Stress is a homicidal maniac! It hates you and it hates me. Like a cancer that won’t stop growing if you and I don’t fight with all our might, stress will destroy us.

I’m fighting so hard today. My bills are hanging all over my head and there’s no end in sight to the day a paycheck rolls into my hands. I’ve faced down the giant over & over again but every day that I wake up and there’s no job, the stress grows and festers.

Right this minute, my hubby is meeting with a guy about a job. The first time they met and talked, the job offer (and halleluia for that) was for a very low salary amount for a very big and hard job. Thankfully, he had the courage to point out the enormity of the job and the requirements to actually do the job for the salary offer didn’t make sense.

Today will decide everything. Either this company can afford the position or it cannot.

Please pray for Don that he would be strong, sure and all anxiety would be removed from his mind. He’s not had a job in 483 days. It’s almost destroyed everything inside him both mentally and emotionally.

We have no doubt YOU have kept us going this long. You have protected us from many situations and circumstances and we believe you when you say you are working!
Help us, provide exactly what is needed. You see it all. Gracious God. Thank you.

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