Just Keep Going

Isn’t it funny how I can see things one way and you see them another? This morning my Bible study was focused on the strange ways God calls us to obey. Sometimes, what we see as a solution to an issue…God has a completely different plan of working out.

Naaman was a valiant and highly regarded commander. People respected him and found him very worthy of honor. Only problem? He had leprosy! Not a good thing in this day & time. People shunned you and sent you off to die all alone. He was desperate for a miracle. So, he went to see the prophet Elisha. The method of the miracle confounded Naaman. Wash 7 times in the dirty Jordan? What? No? Really?

The Bible tells us that he couldn’t believe that THAT was really God’s instructions. He, in his mind (much like you and I do when we have a solution to our problems and we let God know) thought, surely not. I felt certain that this could be done in a much simpler way.

Nope. God gave instructions and He meant them.

Fast forward, Naaman obeys. He’s miraculously cured of leprosy and off he goes on his way.

Only, that’s not the end of the story.

Elisha’s right hand man, Gehazi decides that Naaman should pay something towards this miracle service. So, he chases him down and weasels 2 pieces of silver from Naaman. Elisha was clear that he did not want payment for the miracle. Gehazi decides to sneak back into Elisha’s presence while trying to hide the silver coins.

Ahhh but that’s not how to live, people. Trickery or sneaky moves never go unpunished. Elisha figures out what Gehazi has done and confronts him. God requires obedience! Even when it sounds weird or strange. We can try and try to take matters into our own hands but ultimately God will have the last say. For Gehazi, he found himself riddled with leprosy for his disobedience!

You and me, we may never be afflicted with a horrible disease like leprosy. However, that doesn’t exclude us from trouble. Our issue may come in the form of a broken marriage, wayward child or even a preventable accident. All because of our blatant disregard for doing what we know God wants us to do.

Right now, my hubby and I are struggling with closing the deal on our house. Little issues are threatening to cause us the loss of more money. Issues that we know are gigantic WHAT IFS on the buyer side but unnecessary worry on the reality side. NOTE: To counter the worry for the buyer, we are paying for a home warranty that covers any possible issues with our house effective on the day of purchase. If one ever arises!

Still, we go back & forth with demands.

Like Naaman, my hubby has doubts. He’s anxious to close the deal and move forward. Every day that questions or demands show up, he feels more and more out of control. In his human strength, he wants to just cave in and give to all the requests. I get it.

So, I challenged him to pray about it. The path to obedience doesn’t always make sense. Washing in a dirty river? Really? All I know is that we must seek out what it is God wants for us. Even when it’s weird or uncomfortable.

There’s a reason. I don’t need to know it and neither do you. We just need to do it and keep going!

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