Lord, Take the Snarky Out of Me!

I’m willing to bear it all here and I’ll tell you, it isn’t always pretty! I’m talking about myself, me…inside & out. I’m flawed. I’m quick to judge and slow to listen. I’m hard to handle and sometimes rough around the edges. In case you aren’t getting what I’m saying, the bottom line is that I am a sinner!

I need Jesus.

On my own, I’m a wild animal running loose on the world. Over 37 years ago, someone (my peers) pressured me to do the best dang thing I could’ve ever done for myself and that’s GO TO CHURCH!

I know many people think of church as some place holy roly’n Bible-bangin’ hypocrites go. It’s just a club for haters! People who hate anyone that’s not like them. And to be truthful, there are some ugly churches in our world. For the most part, I’ve been loved by some great people in some wonderful churches. I’ve met a few turds along the way, but God even used them to make good changes in my life and so, I THANK THEM!

Back to me.

I have lived 51 years on this earth. I’m getting “older” and a lot wiser. Trust me, it takes time to learn a lot of hard lessons. I’ve put in some time, I’ve fallen hard and I’ve gotten back up. All because of the love of Jesus Christ. I’m not worthy, He says I am. I owe every good and perfect thing in my life to God. He saved me in more ways than one.

What I do with this life God has given me is very important. I am and will be held accountable for every unrepentant sin I allow in my life. God isn’t up in heaven wielding a magic wand to zap you or me when we goof but OUR VERY RELATIONSHIP with Him is at stake when we live just any old way.

So, here I am just a lady with some junk inside. I’m not going to lie, I can be snarky! Just cross me, I can turn into a hot-headed fighting machine. Not at all what God encourages me to be. But, is there a time for speaking up or out? I only ask because there are instances when God is not glorified by what is written or said from believers who profess God’s love.

Tell me I am not alone in this.

It hurts to see what friends or acquaintances say or believe and the agendas that come out when our country is in heightened times of hysteria. I almost want to avoid all tv, media and social scenes because of all the noisy opinions and ridicule from both sides. For the most part, I do avoid it but every once in a while I find myself looking and for that — I regret it!

Here’s all I know, I am called to love and glorify Christ with my life, my words and my actions. I don’t want to hurt or mistreat anyone because I disagree with them. Ever. The world is a great big beautiful place where ugly things happen. My life here matters, my legacy does too.

I don’t want to talk out of both sides of my mouth or heart, ever.

I am a rotten mess. Help me be more like you! Tame my tongue, convict my spirit and mold me to your likeness. Lord, make me BETTER!

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