Don’t Be Alarmed

If you are the lucky recipient of being my camping neighbor over the last 12 days (don’t worry, not too many people have), you have had the exciting middle of the night alarm sounding wake-up call that no car owner wishes to share!


Our car is possessed!

Out of a dead sleep, we have been startled awake (along with other innocent people getting their camp on!) to the screaming car alarm on our LR4! DANG YOU, HOT, COOL, AWESOME…..KICK BOOTY CAR! Why you gotta do me this way?

I’ve searched online, because that’s what you do when you can’t solve a problem for yourself….only to find that in Land Rover’s, the random car alarm is linked to a tiny switch problem in the hood latch. Well, of course. The hood latch. Makes perfect NONsense!

I’m living 3 hours off my normal time and I’ve told my hubby that the further we go the earlier I am waking up. Who needs the middle of the night car alarm. I’m my own blaring honking horn!!

Today, I’m sitting outside in the gorgeous cool mountain breeze of California. I really wanted to hate California. Don’t ask me why, I just thought it was a strange land with opposite values and weird what-have-you’s. I know, shallow. But, I’m a southern girl who might have some narrow-minded life history planted deep inside. I’ve watched too much tv and read too many kooky stories of which, perhaps jaded my view.

I’m in love with this California!

Now, don’t get too hyped up…I’m not down in the areas that may or may not have a few sillies on the loose (sillies are everywhere, let me clarify). I am on the Trinity River off of Hwy 299 in the mountains near Del Loma. Truthfully, I’m in the middle of nowhere and I love it. I can hear the rushing water below me and as I look up all I see are beautiful green mountains. It’s worth every skinny, hug the rocks, turn around the mountainous drive. We are way up and we are on the edge!

If you can only imagine…. I have my GASP down to an artform!

Lots of gasping on this adventure!

We’ve driven through many states and stayed in some amazing places. So many breathtaking views, exciting sights and even some drab, depressing spots along the way. I’m soaking it all up and thanking God for the gift of being able to drive away from a life so strangely out of whack and explore the majesty of His world.

This morning as I prayed beside the roaring river, I felt overcome with emotion of His majesty. This world… the dry, dusty, rocky Utah’s – the long lonely never-ending roads of Nevada’s – the thick, steep inclines of Colorado – the lush, green mountainy California’s…. all of it, created by a God who swings His mighty arms from left to right just for you and for me!

If we are looking, we will see it.

And if we’re not….don’t worry, my car alarm will sound off for you and wake you up to see whatever it is you were sleeping through!

I can’t wait to see what majesty he has for me today!

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