Am I Teachable?

Am I Teachable?


What does that mean?  Teachable?  I bet you are wondering why I would bring up such a crazy topic.  I have a list of ideals that will help you decide if you are indeed, teachable.  Being teachable is very important to God.  If you and I are on the “we know it all” high-horse, then we are not teachable.  Did you know that everyone of us needs to learn “something”?  Of course we do.  Life is always teaching us one thing or another.  But what about in our Christian walk?  Are we like clay?  Pliable and mendable, willing to grow or bend when squeezed by the Master’s hand.  That can be one of the hardest things to be, soft and moldable, willing to take or withstand all that becoming God’s masterpiece entails.  Everyday, I look for what it is that God wants me to learn.  What about you?  Are you open to make changes and grow by the guidance of God?  I hope you are.  He wants to bless us….and we miss out on so many blessings because of our own foolishness.


1.  I am willing to LISTEN more than talk.

2.  I admit when I make a mistake.

3.  I observe before acting on a situation.

4.  I am able to agree to disagree.

5.  I desire information more than answers.

6.  I enjoy asking questions.

7.  I am open to suggestions and new ideas.

8.  I feel comfortable asking for advice or directions.

9.  I am a patient and willing “student”.

10. I enjoy reading for information that is practical and applicable.

11.  I seek out new perspectives on the questions of life.

12.  I can appreciate criticism without being deeply wounded.

13.  I am willing to accept those in authority over me, spiritually and trust their teaching.

14.  I recognize that lesson’s can be learned from someone….older, younger, educated, uneducated…etc

15.  I hunger and thirst for His righteousness and honor Him with my willingness to learn and grow.


Often times, we allow our flesh to invade our learning process.  It can be so easy to ignore lessons or knowledge that God intended for us to hear-when we do not like or respect His messenger.  That could be in the form of a teacher, pastor, leader, friend or acquaintance.  We get an “attitude” about something or someone that has crossed our path and we block ourselves from receiving any knowledge simply because we don’t like or agree with the person with the direction in hand.  Has this ever happened to you?  In the ministry, we meet all kinds of people.  Some that are radical about what they believe and other’s that are just weird.  I have been guilty of feeling “above” people like that.  As if nothing they had to say could ever apply to me.  It’s wrong!  I confess that.  I am sorry for it.  I have so much to learn—just like you.  I am committed to being teachable!  I want to let God fill me up and allow Him the freedom to use whatever vessel He chooses for doing it.  Can you do the same?  Let yourself purposefully know–I AM TEACHABLE!  Some of the greatest lessons in my life have come from the strangest of places and people.  Don’t be a “know-it-all”!  Be teachable. 


Teach me, O Lord, to follow your decrees;  then I will keep them to the end.  Give me understanding and I will keep your law and obey it with all my heart.  Psalm 119:33-34

P.S.  Remember, you are also teaching those who pass your way….something…somehow….someway.


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