I’m just a simple girl, myself

Ok….I’ve been wanting this camera for so long.  Surprise!  I got it.  Hubby ordered the cutest little pink Pentax 8.0 megapixel just for me.  I don’t have to share it with ANYBODY!  It’s all mine!  That’s a big deal in a house full of teenagers.  It seems all their wants and needs come first.  Oh the life of a mom!

Got the camera, but it needs a case.  Hubby suggests just find something at Walmart in the camera section. Gasp!  Huh?  No way!  I want something different and adorable, that’s just how I roll!  So my search begins.  I look online, stalk all the stores and still no camera case like I imagine.  I know I want it to be pretty and I want it to fit in my purse.  It must be easy to grab the camera out of and BAM! snap a picture lickety split!

I decide, I’ll just make what I want.  I find fabric that is fabulous and some other little protege items to try this hairbrained idea out with.  And, voila!  I have the cutest little camera bag!  Now….since making that first one for myself, I have since made 5 more as giveaways.  They are cute, people!  Everytime someone sees me whip mine out, they love it and want one too.  Oh, what a joy to help mankind out in such a satisfying way.  I feel blessed!  Oh, and I do love my camera bag.  Look for yourself……aren’t these adorable?


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