He’s awesome!


This guy is amazing! We love him! We knew him when he was a young buck. Now he’s all grown up and the daddy of 6, hubby to beautiful Kristen and Senior Pastor of FBC West Palm Beach. Wow! I told you he was amazing! This is our sweet friend, Jimmy Scroggins. He is one cool guy.

This year, the Southern Baptist Convention was held one hour away from us in Indianapolis. We love going to the convention because one of the highlights of it all is seeing many old friends. The SBC is a hub of wonderful friends and ministries from all over the world. I love being Southern Baptist and I love being married to a minister. God has blessed us in serving Him.

Running into Jimmy Scroggins is just one of those neat things that happens. We knew him from our “home” church in South Florida (FBC Arcadia), back in the day. Jimmy’s dad, Jim Scroggins was our local town’s head football coach and he served our church (where my husband’s father was Minister of Education) as a deacon. We loved this family and as life has it, we all moved along in life. Jimmy ended up at Southern Seminary and so did we (years later). Being part of the SBC has many perks…like running into special friends and seeing how God is doing great things with their lives.

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