Sweetboy Goes To Hoosier Boys State

This kid has always been the bomb!  From the day we found out he was heading into our family, we knew he was special.  Maybe that’s a first-born given, I don’t know.  But this boy…….we love!  Everything about him is precious to us.  Do all parents feel this?  I’m thinking YES!
This last school year (his JR. year), he was selected to attend Hoosier Boys State in Terra Haute, IN.  This is quite a privilege!  We are not showy-offy type people….but I am going to say…..WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM!
Each school in the state selects among their top male students for this opportunity.  He and another super-cool kid took the honors this year.  So the preparing began.  We packed and planned and prayed, until it was time to go.  Off we set for Terra Haute’s Indiana State University campus.  A good 2 1/2 hour drive on bumpity bumpity highway(reason enough for me not to go there again) but I will not say that too loudly as it is also home to one of the greatest engineering colleges, Rose-Hulman.

Registering and hauling up the world’s slowest (and hottest) elevator on campus to move him in for the looooong week was a tiny taste of what’s to come in the next year.  Ouch!  They grow up so fast!  We meet his roomie, Jordan (cute kid from up north Indiana) and began our letting him go ceremony.  He has always been independent……a wonderful trait for us first-borns!  But it still stings the mom & dad folk.  We remember our girls are gone for the week to the lake with friends and realize….we will have a near honeymoon week ahead minus all the newly married weirdness.  We peel out!
Did I mention the week there could sorta be described as a weeklong intensive course in Civics?  Well, it is.  They wake up at 5am each morning and begin the day of learning, learning and learning.  Sounds fun, huh?  Each one of them have opportunities to run for offices.  Our sweetboy was elected to State Representative, County Clerk, State Delegate, Convention Recorder….and something else he can’t remember.  How he was selected to all that he ran for we don’t know.  Usually you win or don’t win just one.  See, I told you he was the bomb!  Too cool!
The week of civics & honeymooning speeds by and we are off to Terra Haute to pick up our boy.  The week ends with an incredible ceremony of the weeks events.  We were so proud!  We cannot pick him out of the crowd of 750 boys once we get inside…..the ceremony begins….we look up on stage and up he stands to give the invocation prayer!  Talk about blown away with excitement?  I was so proud that my boy was standing there thanking God for his friends, leaders, family and for God himself in front of the state of Indiana.  Gavin, we know God has amazing plans for you!  Thank you for being the sweetest son parents could have.  We love you!
Sleep seemed to be one of the things they didn’t do much of.  So our ride home was quiet as he crashed out in the backseat of dad’s faux Jag.  After all is said and done, Hoosier Boys was a great experience for him and for us.  We know that our boy will make good choices when we are not around.  He does belong to an amazing God, doesn’t he?
Check him out at drop off……and on the ride home.  Bless his heart!

Before with roomie.

Praying during the ceremony.

Exhausted after a long week.

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