Monkey Bread Makes Breakfast Debut

My kids love this stuff! Monkey bread has long been our holiday morning meal of choice. Sweetboy woke up this morning (earlier than his normal lunchish hour wake-up time) and announced, “Mom, we have to have monkey bread for breakfast!”. I yell from under my luxurious 450 threadcount sheets (yes, I said 450 t.c.), I am not above living like a queen (hint, the name of this here bloggy thingy!), “I don’t think I have canned biscuits!”. You do know that’s how you make this crazy stuff, right? Anywho, he says back in his raspy, sweet, 18 year old, I’m going to be living somewhere else next year since I am going to college voice……”No problem, I’ll run to the store!”. Shoot! I tell him, “You know these things take like an hour to make?”. Again, “No problem!” he says.
So, up I drag my worn out old-lady body to the kitchen where I start pulling out all the “stuff” it takes to make this famous family recipe. By this time, I am gathering an audience….Dad has come up the stairs (he’s leaving for work) and the baby (who’s 13) rolls out of her bed. Everyone gets excited for monkey bread!
Back in no time from the local JayC store, sweetboy begins helping to prepare the masterpiece. We pop open those cheapo biscuits, chop them into 4’s, and throw them in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. You would actually enjoy doing this with your kids too. I highly recommend it. Once the bundt pan was full, we poured the melted margarine all over the dough and put it in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes. Oh the waiting! Actually, everyone went their own separate way to loaf off the anticipation. Ding, timer goes off, icing is made…..people are crowding around the end result! Mmmmm delicious!
We ate til our stomachs said….STOP! And, thankfully….they did say stop! Too much sugar and not enough protein, bad, very bad! The lesson here folks is to eat a well balanced diet or feel sugary sick all day.

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