I’m Over It!

Well, I want to be over it.  I’m still sorta freakin’ out!  Tonight, one measley little hours drive away from me…..BETH MOORE will be speaking to a gazillion gaped open mouthed women!  Oh….and I WON’T be there!  It’s sickening, huh?  I called around looking for that ever so available ticket (you know the one….so and so’s kid is sick and can’t go…..take this ticket PLEASE?).  No luck!

Oh I know there are many out there that won’t be used.  It always happens!  But finding it…..now that’s another story.  So, I’m going to just get over it.  Really, I am.  I’m going to find something else to occupy my time this weekend.  Like cleaning up after people, managing laundry piles, and cooking!  Now how could I have possibly passed that up for sitting at the foot of the cross soaking up the WORD with Beth Moore in Louisville, Kentucky?  Crazy girl!

I’ll put my energy towards praying for all those in attendance and the friends that they will drag along.  Let me say, there is no experience like the one they will have this weekend.  It is lifechanging!  God bless them as they hear from our Lord.  I pray for Beth and her team too……oh did I mention TRAVIS????  His talent for Jesus is like no other.  I pray for him and his awesome praise team angels too.  God blanket that place and make something outrageous happen in the lives of all who are blessed to be there.  Thank you for such an amazing woman like Beth Moore.  Use me God and make me more like you in the process.

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