Don’t ya just love it? My blog designer, Shauna is quite an artist! I gave her three different patterns of ideas and told her to pick and surprise me. That she did! When I got on last night to plunder around…..BAM! up it popped so pink/green and stripe-etty. I squealed and jumped around a bit with sheer excitement! It was definitely a yeehaw moment for this….dreamin’ of bloggin’ girl!

It sorta says me, when I look at it. Which was what I was going for…but Shauna¬†doesn’t even know me! Or does she? That girl is SMART! And talented! And sweet! And making bloggy people happy all over this here internet. Just go see for yourself! Check out her work, you will fall in love and even be able to afford it. Thanks again, Shauna! You put me in bloggy business with some sweet classy style. You rock! Just click on her button to the right here. Be ready to oooh and aaaaah.

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