Buddy’s After All These Years

Brad and Gavin 2001

They became instant friends the night we were introduced to the congregation at Blue River Baptist Church in Salem, Indiana. They were both going into the 4th grade. I remember Brad’s mom (Sara Jo) coming up to me and introducing herself (that night she became one of my best friends too). Our families were tight! We loved spending time with them. Gavin and Brad were fast best friends! They hung out at school, church and at ballgames. It was one of those “real” friendships. They both loved God and accepted one another like real friends do. We only lived in Salem for two years, but their relationship was sealed forever. That’s what friends do, they stick together. We moved away and have kept in touch as best we could. Meeting here and there while on vacations at the beach, bumping into them at restaraunts, and oh yea…..emailing like crazy!

These guys are going to start their senior year in high school in less than a week. Both have just had their 18th birthday’s and have grown into amazing young men. They have made their parents so proud! Last night, I rode the 45 miles to Salem with Gavin (in his HOT BMW! Oh it’s, not just hot looking….it’s hot because his air is BROKEN!) so that he could go to Brad’s birthday party. He did not want to miss this party! He was so excited to see his buddy and many other sweet friends that he loved while living there. He had a great time! We didn’t get home until almost 1am….yes, I was a pumpkin! It was worth it though. Sweetboy had a wonderful trip down memory lane and rekindled some friendships again.

Life is like that, you know? We ever so often stumble upon (well, God knows what we need…) these amazing people…..our bosom buddy’s! That person who loves us and accepts us as we are (flawed and imperfect). I am so thankful for God giving me such sweet friends along life’s way. I am smiling right now just thinking of them. God is so good! For Gavin…..I’m so glad that he and Brad are still buddy’s after all these years. Next year, we’ll let them go. We laughed about it last night as we predicted our future next summer…but it’s not that far off. Before we know it, we’ll be driving to see one of them marry off to the girl God has chosen just for them. I know whenever that day comes that Gavin and Brad will still be buddy’s. 

Proverbs 27:17  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.

Gavin and Brad 2008

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