She’s Back!

Ally aboard the Titanic?

Cousin Susan, Nana, Uncle Bill & Uncle Dean….oh and Ally!

Susan and Ally…catching some rays! Luckeeeeeeee!

It looks like she had fun! I know it was a whirlwind of activities for her over the last 2 weeks. Fun with grandparents in the summer…….ahhh memories! Thanks to Nana & Poppy for having Ally as their guest this summer. It was her turn! She was always busy or not old enough to go by herself or something else. This was just a perfect time for her to go.
We missed being there for some good family time this summer. Life just doesn’t go the way you plan it sometimes (ok, never)…..”For I know the plans for you…..”! God knows what we need when we need it. This year has been one of the hardest we’ve experienced. But, God has never left us nor forsaken us….even when we were at our lowest. Thank you, Lord! Maybe next summer we will be back in beach visiting business. I sure hope so. Right now, I’m just going to give you my thank you list for today.

-Don’s new job (after over 3 months of nothing….we are rejoicing!)
-My kids (they really weathered being teens well, considering we were BROKE all those months)
-Our good health (even feeling as depressed as we did….and we did….no one had any major illness)
-Family (thankful for parents who could help…even in little ways…but especially big ways! LOVE EM)
-Friends (we have the greatest friends…thanks to those who really reached out and ministered)
-A new church/family (we had a lot of grieving to do….and this pastor has been a healing balm)
-My job! (I love my job! Now I know why I’m there….well one more reason why)
-Our home & cars (these are not things I take for granted…..they are a total blessing!)
-Prayer (I love it! I love it! I love it! It sustains me! I holds me together! Thank you for listening to me God)

We have a whole new year ahead…..a new beginning so to say.

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