This REALLY is….my beautiful blog!

Today, I got my new blog! I know you are thinking…..”Umm, you just had a new blog!”. Well this is the REAL one now. The one before, it had some issues. This one, it’s just right! Poor Shauna, she is someone I am really forever indebted too. She worked so hard….I’m afraid she might be changing all her email addresses/blog design site info so I cannot reach her again. I know I would! Haha. JK!
Every little thing was complicated on this crazy thing. Geez!

Sounds like me, complicated and with issues! I’m a mess! I drive me crazy sometimes. I want so badly to be more like Christ. But I’m so fleshly and pathetic! I pray that God would use me in spite of me everyday. I wreck things that should be so simple. I’m learning that God doesn’t need me to be what I think I should be. He just wants me to be what He wants me to be and to follow Him. I’m honored to do that. Again, I can mess that up sometimes. I have to start all over (thank you God for forgiveness and redemption). So can you. That’s just how it is with God. He totally knew how weak and flawed we were right from the beginning. He knew just what we would need. Is. 53:6 “We all, like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all”. Oh yea, He knew. Thank you God for your son, Jesus!

Like Shauna, who worked and reworked on this blog design until she had it just right. I too, have that same task before me. I’m not perfect, but everyday…..I have to start again and try to do what is right according to my Lord. If I junk it up, I have to go back and begin again. Knowing that just for me, Jesus took all my sin upon him so that I could have a fresh start. WoW! It still amazes me.  I’m grateful for His love of me and His forgiveness.  Like my blog is beautiful to me, I want to be beautiful to my Heavenly Father.  I guess you could say, I’m a work in progress!  Someday, I’ll be perfect…..heaven’s not far away.

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