Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Ok. For those of you who have the privilege of living with teenage girls, you’ll appreciate this. Today has been a bit hectic with getting ready for the first day of school. My girls (13 & 15) are trying to plan out their outfits for the big day. While shopping yesterday, both picked out some really cute dresses. So one would think that a cute little dress number would be the choice for tomorrow’s big debut back at ye ole schoolhouse! Naaaah, I don’t think so! This would be way too soon to dress “too” cute!
We must, afterall, not appear too dressy and showy. Our first outfit must be subtle, not too new and not too fancy! Do you remember your first day of school? Way back when? I do. I was so excited to wear those new Erf shoes (I slept in them!)….so new shmew! I couldn’t wait to be seen in my NEW stuff! That’s not how they roll these days.
I do remember the….”let’s be fashionably late” to all extra-curricular events. In hopes of gaining all attention as one enters. It was cool to not get there when everyone else did. You were some VIP if you moseyed in “as if”……obviously you were so important that you were somewhere else before arriving at this hot spot! It gave you status! Whatever! Looking back, what a bunch of insecure snots we were! But that’s just the same as planning out your outfits today.
My HS sophmore girl told me today that she had it all planned out. I’ll wear my new dress from PacSun on next Tuesday (that way I won’t look like I’m being too excited to wear it!). Oh the hysteria! I love it! There is a ton of pressure on teens (I see it every day working in a high school) and they have a hard time managing it. I wish there was a way to tell them the truth about these years. The teen years are not as critical as they think! The stuff they worry about….will be so stupid to them later in life. If only they could see the stuff that really matters. Like having a relationship with Christ and trusting Him with all their worries. Or even being a good friend to others. It all comes back, someday! I went to school with mean girls too! Nowadays, they are trained from birth to be “mean” girls. It’s a survival tactic, I believe. It’s heartbreaking!

Here’s my prayer for my three teens as we begin our new school year!

God, let my teens seek you in all they do and say as they enter into a new school year. Open their hearts to loving and accepting those around them that you send their way. Touch them and show them how to be more like you and not like the world. Fill them with desire to tell others about you and your incredible forgiveness and promise of salvation. Make them hunger and thirst for your word and for time to spend with you. Let them feel safe, secure and confident in who they are and to whom they belong as they walk day-by-day. Give their dad and I wisdom and courage to parent them in a way that honors you, Lord. Show us when we fail and correct us when we fall short that we may stay in sweet harmony for what you have in store for each of us. Protect us, shield us from the enemy and guard our hearts and minds. May we be Christ in our schools. We love you, our heavenly Father. Wherever you lead, we’ll go! In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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