What A Day!

First day of school is always exciting. New classes, clothes, friends and the best part a whole new school-year! Today went great! Gates only had one complaint, her new choir teacher “didn’t even know her!”. It seems that she missed a little camp day that the new teacher held a few weeks back in the summer. Oh the pathetic memory of a mom! I put it on the calendar and everything! I still forgot it! So, not only did Mrs. Thompson not know who Gates was (personally), but the other kids knew the songs and the dance moves! Ahhhhhh! What is the deal with me? I had that sick mom feeling that I knew there was nothing I could do to bring back July twenty something???!
Does this stuff happen to any other moms? I am obnoxiously anal about stuff like this….how did we miss it? It’s just crazy! Surely, it happens to everybody some time or another.

Ally had the greatest lunch day. Her BFF had the same lunch as her and oh-mister-wonderful-I-have-a-crush-on-you did too. Guess where HE sat? Oh yea, at her table! Can you say exciting? Oh and as she and BFF were getting up to go to the french fry line, oh-mister……. asked BFF to buy him some fries and handed her dollars from his very own pocket (the pockets that he stuck his very own hands in and retrieved said money!!!). Wow! Then as soon as they were in line (out of oh-mister’s……. view) BFF handed the touched money to Ally and she was forever grateful!!!! (SHE STILL HAS THE ACTUAL MONEY!!!!). I saw it with my own eyes in the car as we peeled out of the school parking lot. Ahhhh, remember being a sophmore? Still sweet, yet trying everything in your power to GROW UP!!!

Gavin is a total dude! He blew in only to blow right back out. He was heading to a cool after school hang out session at the youth building at church. Which is where I might add that he had to park today. Our school is under MAJOR construction and it’s full to capacity for parking. Lucky me, staff can still park there. Most of our students are being bussed from different locations in town to the actual campus for school. They have to park at two other school’s and the perk is that they are only charged half the permit cost for their trouble. He will have an actual permit to park on campus by Monday (only Jr’s & Sr’s that have extracurricular) will be given permission to park at school. So he won’t have to hoof it across a highway from church for too long. Oh and he also dropped a class today. He has been on an engineering track heading to Purdue……not anymore! He made a total life decision without even asking ME!!!! What!? So, it begins. My journey of stepping back and letting my first-born go. It’s hard, ya’ll! Really hard! He’s ready…..but am I? I’m way too deep into this mom thing, I’m afraid. God, please help me!

All in all, we all survived and tomorrow is another day. We’ll be right back at it. Singing new songs and dancing new dances, hanging with BFF’s at lunch, and making life choices without even asking me. Oh me, time just seems to fly. I better hang on. We only have 179 more days to go!

Gavin, Ally & Gates 1996   (How do you yike us, mommy?  We ahhh tigurs!?)  Notice the ink stripes?

Gavin, Ally & Gates 2008 They grew out of their stripes!

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