Business As Usual

Last night was party night. No, not that kind of party. It was a work party. Since hubby began his new job for Black Support Services, I haven’t met his boss. The company has also expanded with 3 other new employees as well. It seemed appropriate that we all get together and swap some food and fellowship to kick this company in the “go get ums”!

It turned out to be a great evening. We met up at the home of the head honcho, Bill and his wife Dawn (super nice people). I forgot to mention, they used to own the “town favorite” restaurant, Laurel House. So these people can cook! The menu was grilled salmon & chicken, grilled fresh asparagus, saute’ed pepper-onion-feta delicious concoctionista (I made that word up), mashed potatos, brocolli, mac-n-cheese, two choices of fresh bread with yummy herb butter and two rockin desserts. You get the idea here, right? Everything tasted fabulous!

We were outside on their deck (it was warmish) but soon cooled off a bit. Someone noticed a deer walking behind their shed……so guess who flew into camera ready action? Yes, bloggy mama! We couldn’t believe how this deer was just hiding behind the tree watching us, as if…..she knew us. Too cute! Our hosts informed us that our visitor was named “Woody” and that she visits regularly. We all laugh and continue on while “Woody” meanders around in their back yard. Deer are so beautiful to me. I never get tired of seeing them. I get so excited when they are in my yard, I actually check every morning just to see if any are out there. They even come through in the middle of the day. One of the perks of living in a wooded area. I LOVE IT!

After dinner, it was competition time. You know, every party has one. They invited us down to the basement to play some pool and Wii. It was a blast! The four women were in a bowl-off! I actually won the first round and Nita (a co-worker) won the next. We were so funny! I can’t wait to get my own Wii! I think it might be a new addiction for me. I’m like that, ya know?

This is such a new phase for our lives. We’ve been in full-time ministry for more than 12 years. For Don to be working in the real world is a whole new ballgame to us. We really love ministry and even though he is still preaching (supply for a church without a pastor right now) it isn’t the same. We needed the change (not that we are turning from serving….) and God knew. He has a plan! We just have to trust Him. In the meantime, we must be faithful. No matter what we do for a paycheck or passion. We are to do it to the best of our abilities.

Ephesians 4:1b ….”live a life worthy of the calling you have received”.


And, The Team! Skip, Nita, Don, Sherry & THE BOSS, Bill!!


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