Is This Your American Teen?

Maybe you’ve heard about the movie, American Teen? I hadn’t, until today. I was reading Dr. Mohler’s blog (a truly anointed theologian in our midst) and he had a previous post about this movie possibly coming to a theatre near you and me any day now. Since I live in Indiana it was most interesting to find that it was filmed in Warsaw, not too many hours north of my sleepy little town. I’m not an Indiana girl by birth…..just a transplant thanks to serving in the ministry. But I still have a great love for this state as it has been my home for over 8 years. After all, we consider it ours!

The movie is a supposed documentary on what the lives of American teenagers is REALLY like. It just so happens they have certain stereotypes blatantly depicted in the film (hmmm convenient!). None of which are Christian kids nor any with parents who are leading in a positive way with integrity and character. If you click on the trailer, these kids look like they could be friends with your kids or at the least fellow students at your teens school. Each one, a senior “representing” in their own way. The jock, the princess, the hunk, the geek, and the rebel. Strangely, creator Nanette Burstein claims she did not play into these stereotypes. Um, Okay?

It’s no secret. I work with teenagers every single day. I also live with 3 of them! From viewing the trailer, I didn’t see anyone that represented any of my teens. I did, however, hear and see stuff that are commonplace in the halls of my public school each day. Statements like, “I wanna get out of here (meaning after graduation), I don’t fit in and I hate it!, I do what I want to do, I believe in getting even! and I don’t really have many friends!”. Don’t even get me started about the “give your left boob” comment! I hear that and worse! I know it’s not just public school but they have it hands down on moral breakdown when compared to private/christian school. Still, my heart breaks for these kids.

The real issue here? Parenting! The hardest job on the earth. Now, let me kick it up a notch….Biblical parenting! Who’s participating? Are you? Is your marriage rock solid and committed to Christ? Do your kids see that and know you are a united team? What about your kids? Are you or have you invested in them as people? You know what I mean. Have you spent time teaching them how to love God and follow Him in obedience? Have you spent time praying with them and for them? Do they know scripture because of your willingness to teach it to them? Can they rely on you to be real with them? Do they see you one way in public than they see you at home? Tough questions, huh? They are important! Believe me, I see so many lost without a direction kids everyday. I hurt for them. I want to be a positive influence on them. Somebody has to try.

Evaluate you. Your home. Your family. What’s important? Is God at the top of the list? I hope so. Friends, it’s up to us. We only have a limited time with our precious kids. Do not let satan have them! He is prowling all around them and YOU! Tempting and telling lies. Pray, study, fellowship with other believer’s and know the truth for yourself. Don’t rely on the preacher or the teacher. Read the WORD! You won’t ever regret that decision. God has something to say about everything you and I face. He will not steer you wrong. This world is not our home. We are destined for a glory like no other, heaven!

Romans 12:2 “Do not comform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is….his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

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