Attack! Allergies Gone Awry!

My sinus headache has taken me to a new level of misery!  The burn in my throat every time I swallow reminds me that I’m certainly not cut out for the profession of “fire breather”!  It’s killer!  It all started with Ally.  She spent the entire weekend in bed feeling so sick with the sinus gunk.  Runny eyes, nose, aching all over (as if she’d fallen out of a moving car) and the ever lovely throat thing.  I did my mother-lovin best to doctor her back to good health, only to be struck myself on Sunday afternoon.  Little did I know what a whopper of a dude this sickness would be.

This morning, in my first period class.  The tutor who comes in to assist was sick and so were three of our students.  We were a total mess.  Snotty nose blowing misery!  Each of us whining and comparing the horrors of our particular illness.  It seems these Indiana allergies are alive and rampant.  Leaving it’s victims worn out and exhausted. Oh red-eyed and red-nosed too. Not a hot look!

I guess we could think of sin sorta like these pesky allergies. It sneaks up on us (when we least expect it) and it engulfs us before we know what hit us. Once we are strapped with the infection we have to suffer until it’s all cleared up. With sin, we suffer until we clear it all up with God. The medication for sin? Repentance and change! If you were allergic to cats you wouldn’t agree to “cat” sit a friends kitty while he’s on vacation. Same with sin, if you know the path it takes to put you back in that sin spot……don’t take it! Flee!

I’m guilty of making the same mistakes more than once and I bet you are too. But with God’s help we both can avoid the pits of the past and live victoriously. We can feel free and carry on with peace and joy in our hearts, like God desires. He is the master of forgiveness and lover of our hearts. Yes, our hearts (as wicked as they are)! Have you any sin that needs clearing up today? If you do….I pray you meet with God right now and do it. Unlike allergies (they tend to linger), He is always ready to take sin away pronto!

Psalm 51:1-2 “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion, blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.”

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