What A Weekend!

Yesterday, all three kids and I went with hubby to church. Out in the country! Really, out in the country! The church sits in the middle of tobacco fields around 30 minutes from the nearest town. This isn’t total culture shock for us. We’ve been in small country churches many times. Years ago, hubby pastored the sweetest little church hidden down a clay road in North Florida. If it rained, we were in trouble. No one could get down that road to the church and all was cancelled. That only happened a few times while we were there. We loved those people. Most were farmers, but many were professional people that just lived in the middle of nowhere. It was so sad to leave them behind. But, seminary called. Off to Louisville we went. I cried. They were so good to us.

Our current circumstances won’t allow us to serve this little church full-time. We have grown up enough to know that it takes money to pay the mortgage and the costs of raising teenagers isn’t the same as baby days. We would love to drop everything and live the simple life, but that just can’t happen at this time in our lives. So, hubby agreed to preach for them until they can find a pastor. Of course, they love him and want him to stay. So tempting! But again, reality folks. We couldn’t pay our bills and that surely doesn’t honor God. I know minister’s face this all the time. We’ve done it ourselves…..we have served in places that the money wasn’t there to cover the cost to keep us afloat. It’s scary! Something happens to those guys in seminary, they feel as if they aren’t living in faith if they turn down a position that can’t pay them enough to make it. That old…..if you can’t be faithful in the small things….how will you ever be faithful with the big!?! I think they want so badly to obey that they tend to miss some of the reality of those situations. I know we did.

I don’t want to sound cynical or weak of faith. That’s not how I roll. I’m all for following God…and stepping out on faith. But, honestly. If you cannot pay your bills (not buy jetski’s and hd t.v.’s) bills! or buy your kids shoes and diapers or go to the doctor. That is not disobeying God for not serving there. Am I making sense? Churches that are small and cannot pay for a full-time pastor are great bi-vocational churches. Which is sort of the situation my hubby’s in now. He has a real job that can pay the bills and he can still serve them and most of their needs. However, our kids are plugged in at church in town. They are active in the youth group and we don’t want to flip that apple cart. It’s something we’re convinced must be consistent at this stage of their lives.

Here are a few pictures of the kids outside after church yesterday. We loved being there with the folks and will visit them again. We enjoyed being with dad too….we’ve never in our whole lives gone to different churches. EVER! Until this time. So being with him was great! We’ve missed his preaching! Who knows what God will do? We will trust Him and follow Him…even when it’s not in an ordinary way. Trust! Follow!

Ally, Gates & Gavin

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