Up In Smoke

I live in one of the greatest neighborhoods. It’s like living in a beautiful park. Full of trees and shade, lots of hills and homes filled with happy families. On Sunday afternoon, we were sitting out on our back porch admiring a new chair we had scored at a yard sale downtown. When all of a sudden, BOOOOOOOOOM! major explosion! We were stunned! What in the world? Then seconds later, another boom. It was eerie…..we knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. Some neighborhood boys were riding bikes and came screeching down our driveway……yelling, FIRE!!!!! The house is on fire! My heart just sank.

In a matter of minutes, a lifetime of memories were gone. A family BBQ had the owners away across town at the time of the fire. Praise God! The fire supposedly started from a hot battery on a golfcart. He had just brought it home to charge it. He was going to lay down for a nap, but decided to go back with his prized Mustang car to show the folks at the BBQ. He was only gone a few minutes when it exploded. All was lost, even a beloved pet. But the family was safe. Thank you God.
It got me thinking….what is it that I can’t live without in my house? I decided, nothing! Just my family. I would be able to replace everything but not them. Pray for this family as they regroup and rebuild.

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