I Have A Life

Yes…..It’s true! I really do. My kids would say…not, but I do! My blog may look like it’s all about my kids….but I have cool stuff going on besides just them. I blog about them because I love them and I think they are pretty awesome. So, tonight….it’s all about me!

IT’S GAME DAY!!!!! Colts vs. Bears

When the COLTS are playing…..this girl will be sitting in front of the game! This is the season we love the most around my house. Sunday afternoon football + INDIANAPOLIS COLTS = warm fuzzy satisfaction. All is at peace! If you haven’t figured out by now…..this team is special to my heart. I love them and I love their coach, Tony Dungy. This team is just rockin! The new stadium is only one hour from my house and it’s so amazing! I hope to go this year and actually scream my head off in person at one of the games. Yes, I have no shame! I’ll really scream!

I leave you with this……whatever you do….do it with passion. Whether it’s love for others through sweet friendships or your work. Do your best to make it honorable to Jesus. Please him and everything else will fall into place. Sounds simple, but it works.


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