Miss Gates

I call her that. Miss Gates. She’s so cute and it fits her. I wasn’t supposed to have another baby. I mean, I was nursing a baby…..Ally. Hubby was a policeman and money was tight. We wanted to do whatever it took to keep me home. You know, be responsible and stay within our means financially. Hubby was going to have a vasectomy after we paid our taxes, I got pregnant tax month! Brilliant!

Ahhh, but God! He knew what He was doing (as usual). Our family would have not been complete without her. She is so precious! I thought I’d share some of her with all of you. So, hang on and listen to me brag about my baby, Gates Morgan.

First, she has a servant heart. Her love for Christ and for other’s is amazing. She desires to make people happy. She’s soft-hearted and bruises easily with harsh words. Her gift of “doing” for other’s is inspiring. She will work and work….and never complain. But her room, YIKES! It’s a wreck, dude! I’ll stop there….no need to get trashy! Teehee!

Second, she can sing like nobody’s business. Girl has some pipes! She’s been singing all her life. She would make up songs and sing them like she was working on a new album. I can’t even begin to count how many times she’s performed or been in some show. And knocked our socks off!

Third, she’s got some sweet dance moves. I mean, come on. I wish I could dance like her. She could do the Beyonce booty thing…..and I could only dream of doing that. Oh young bodies, aren’t they amazing?! Can you remember?

Fourth, She’s got great hair! It’s huge! Curly, wild beautiful hair. It’s gorgeous! She’s always had to follow behind a curly long blonde sister who was constantly being asked, “Is that your real hair/curls?”.
Now, they ask her the same thing. It’s just naturally curly! Of course, both girls hate it. Crazy, huh?

I could talk all day about Gates. She’s unique and exciting! Funny and outgoing! When she was little and I dressed her to go somewhere, in the car….she took everything off. Now, she’s the style DIVA! Girlfriend can put together some savvy outfits. She always looks good.

We love you Miss Gates. She is the baby we almost didn’t have. She’s Ally’s best friend. Her presence in our lives is truly a gift from God.  It’s hard to believe she’s in the 8th grade already.  I pray God blesses her life like she’s blessed us.  And I hope she knows…..I cherish every moment I have with her.

Eph. 1:11-12  “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.  Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living.”

The girl with the hair…..

Self portrait….. bed hair look

Straight after hours of work…..

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