Warning! Whining Ahead! Go Back If You Know What’s Good For You

For more than 20 years (yes, I said 2 0 years!), I have washed my freckly little dry-skinned face with phisoderm soap. Before I had any children…..I was using this soap to wash off my make-up. Every single night after a long day with my beloved Clinique continuous coverage (07) ivory glow painted on my face, I would use this wonderful stuff. I’ve tried other soaps and cannot find anything that even comes close to doing what it can do. I LOVE it!

I have been out for over a month. More than four weeks of washing my face without my favorite soap has almost pushed me over the edge. I have always bought it at Walmart (which don’t get me started on them randomly stopping carrying items that I buy regularly—-I am battling with that bitterness!) and I have been to 3 different Walmart’s only to NOT FIND PHISODERM! I am desperate! I will pay huge bucks for this stuff, that is how much I need it.

In the meantime, I’ve bought other face soaps. They are disgusting! So far I’ve tried three different ones and hate all of them. They are dry and harsh, leaving my face feeling like I’ve taken off a layer of skin. I’ve also looked at my local Walgreen’s and CVS. What is the deal? I’m seriously getting wiggy over this. IF you could see my face you would know what I’m talking about. My 41 year old face has pimples on it! My skin is super sensitive and these other soap’s are breaking me out! I’m not even kidding! I can’t even use Mary Kay because something in that stuff causes me to break out….not only with zits but the painful deep kind of zits. The ones that hurt when you smile or wink your eye. Ahhh!

What to do, ya’ll? I’m going online now and checking out how to just get it that way. CRAZY…for face soap!?! I’m totally baffled. Lord, rain down your blessing on me please…..I need my phisoderm!

I told you to save yourselves and go back….this was all about the whine! Sorry….a girl’s gotta rant once in a while.

Psalm 118:21 “I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory!”

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