Night 2 Without Electricity

Yes, we have no electricity!  On Sunday, after church and lunch we were planning on watching our beloved Colts and a movie when the lights started flickering off and on.  The wind was been blowing so hard and the trees in our woods were swaying like crazy.  We watched debris from the trees hit our house and trees snapping in two falling to the ground.  The electricity went off around 1:30pm and we’ve been sitting this way since then.  Some of our community has been rescued back amongst the luxurious living.  We are in that spot that has no hope for close to the rest of this week.

School was cancelled for today (Monday), so Ally invited two friends over for the night and Gates went to a neighbors for the night.  Gavin stayed home after playing at a buddy’s house until around 11:30pm.  We slept in hoping to kill some time and then got quick showers with what little hot water was left in the tank.  Don went to work and spent the day rescuing people from company to company with computer issues (it was hit or miss on businesses with electricity).  The girls and I took off to Seymour to shop our blues away.  We went to JC Penney and Goody’s looking for bargains to boost our spirits.  We even stopped at Dairy Queen for 99 cents Moolattes….remember we’re roughing it here?!  Haha.

While we were shopping, the news came through the cell phone grapevine that school was once again cancelled for Tuesday.  Oh the misery!  Who wants to make these days up?  Not me!  I love getting out of school when it’s hot out.  We also learned of many friends that did have electricity and I couldn’t help but feel bummed.  I’m truly grasping the Texas situation…..I get it that they are suffering worse than me and that I have so much to be thankful for.  My yard and neighborhood look like a war took place there but we are not flooded and terribly damaged.  I haven’t watched any news or tv so I do not have a real honest bit of knowledge of what other’s are dealing with.  I just know that some people in my community have lights and we don’t!  If they are still off tomorrow…….(my anniversary) I am going over to my friend Beth’s for a real shower and washing my hair.  My girls are staying there tonight and thankful for it.  God bless them for the offer.

If you are in worse shape than me, forgive me for seeming “woe is me”!  I’m really not whining….just hoping that soon we ALL will be back to normal.  My prayers are for everyone affected by this weather, may God protect us all and put us back on our merry way very soon.  God bless you, friends.

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