My Wife! (Blog Hijacked by Queenie’s Husband!)

I just want to let the world know how special my wife is to me.  Today is our 19th wedding anniversary and I honestly don’t believe it has been that long!  This woman I married has been through a lot because she hitched herself to my wagon.  I wish I could change much of what our life together has been like.  I wish I had treasured her better, I wish I would have honored her more, I wish I had been less selfish, argumentative, mean, cold, and many other things she never deserved.  However, I can not change the past.  I can tell you that our relationship is better today than it ever has been and I know I am trying, with God’s help, to be the best husband I can be. It never stops amazing me that a woman like this loves me the way she does.  My stomach still does a flip when I see her. I am still in awe of her beauty on a daily basis. (Even if there is no power or hot water, she still looks great!)

I am so thankful for her love for me and for my children.  We often joke that Wanda has four children, three natural and one adopted, me! She cares for us in a way that makes us feel like we are loved and cherished.  She as always made my home a place of refuge and peace. I appreciate that more than I can put into words.

However, it is her love for Jesus that makes my wife so special!  She loves her Lord beyond anything you can imagine!  She is His Daughter and she knows she is special because of it!  She has been willing to follow His will for our family no matter where it took her. I have appreciated her discernment and advice when I was facing tough choices.

Thank you for being “All That and a Pack of Crackers, too,” Wanda!

Your Loving Husband,


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