Something’s Up!

My husband is living on Benadryl. If you’ve ever had the need to take a Benadryl, then you know that’s not a quality life. Benadryl does not make you feel yippee-ky-yay! It’s a knock out drug. Meaning, you take it and it knocks you out. Now, why you ask is he taking this stuff? We cannot figure that out yet. But he’s sick!

Weird things keep happening to him. It started last week, he jumped out of bed (he was lying there reading) with a terrible nose bleed. He hasn’t ever had a nose bleed in the 19 years we’ve been married. We think….weird. Then a few days later he has some reaction and his tongue swells up. We do not know why. We’ve gone down the list of everything….food, soap, candles, cleaners, medicines….everything. The day (Fri.) we were gone for our anniversary he was hoarse and without a voice. He sounded terrible.

When he got up on Saturday, his top lip was swollen like he had a beak. Talk about crazy looking? He was totally a freak! At that point, he was almost convinced it was his medicine that he takes every morning. But he has taken that same prescription for years and after trying again a few days later, he found that wasn’t it. Last night was another night of misery. As soon as he walked in from work his face began to swell up. He ate dinner and popped his 50mg of Benadryl. We think….something in our house! But what?

He went to bed around 10pm, but soon jumped out of bed with these horrible foot cramps. Are they connected? Who knows. But he was going crazy, which means, I’m going crazy! Before he could go on to sleep he had actually taken 5 Benadryl. Then the snoring began! I didn’t get much sleep last night in case you were wondering. It was chainsaw olympics in my bedroom. Help me!

At dinner tonight, he was doing fine and then all of a sudden his bottom lip popped out. It’s swollen like he’s been punched. What to do????? We are baffled! Ok…’s all that has happened to him.

1) swollen tongue
2) swollen top lip
3) swollen bottom lip
4) bloody nose
5) swollen eyes
6) hoarse-y throat
7) feet cramps
8) chest congestion
9) sheer misery and discomfort

Now, I know a thing or two about allergies. We are one of those whacked families! We have experienced some bad allergies over the years. But, for him……not like this! EVER! Two of our kids have milk and nut allergies. Hubby has dairy allergies (but he hasn’t had any of that) and we just can’t figure this out. So, I’m on the “heal the hubby” crusade. I’m beginning to get real frustrated with this…..and think crazy things like….do we have toxic mold or something?

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