Save A Life

Did you know that you have the power to save someone’s life? You do. It’s easy too. Go check this out. It’s the National Marrow Donor Program and they are working hard to save the lives of people all across our nation. Just log on there and join. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. We did it and even had them send us the home testing kit. Hubby’s is sealed up and ready to go in the mail back to them.

We have a very special friend who is fighting for his life right now. He’s 22 and a senior at Purdue University. His name is John and he has Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is just a normal guy. Doing his thing; going to college, hanging with his buddies, dreaming of a future….wife and kids on a farm. Then he had a sore neck. Came home for the weekend….mentioned the neck hurting and then had a little congestion. His mom is my sweet friend and co-worker at school. She thought no big deal, go see the Dr. before you head back to school and get a prescription. Then, life as they knew it ended.

By this time he was showing more signs of something not being ok. They began treating him and trying everything in their power to get rid of the evil attack on his young body. A nightmare that no parent wants to face. Please visit his site and read his story. He is a precious kid. To meet John is to love him. He’s a committed Christian and has done everything right. He’s protected himself by remaining pure before marriage. He doesn’t drink or party. He’s just a good kid! He wants to live and do the things all young people dream of. Just imagine!

Today was one of those days for his mom, Carol. She has been so strong throughout this whole ordeal (I cannot tell you how I admire her!!!). She has researched and beat the streets with this kid all over Indiana. She’s hauled him hither and fro to appointments and treatments…..doing what any good mama does. But she was worn thin today. Please pray for her. This is a battle that wears everyone involved down. Cancer is a killer in many ways. At this very moment they are anxious to find a donor for John. Time is of utmost importance!

That’s why I’ve invited you to check out the marrow donor site. If you feel God nudging you in that direction, friend…….GO FOR IT!!!! You will not regret it. Go and see for yourself. Help save someone like John or maybe even someone that you know. I wish for a match for John right now. God you can do anything! I claim your authority over this disease and for perfect healing for sweet John very soon.

John Romine

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