Homecoming! Go Panthers!

I say that with lots of encouragement! Our team, the Panthers??? Well, they haven’t won a game all year. They only won one game last year, and the year before that…..well, it was ugly too. It’s just not their victory sport, I suppose. But basketball???!!! That is war! This is Indiana, ya know? I love basketball season here…..it is awesome!

Today has been fun at school. It was Panther pride day, so everyone was dressed to kill in their best spirit clothes. Red, white and blue was all over our high school. The pep session was a blast too. I love that my two oldest are students at my school. It’s fun to be a part of their lives all day each day. When we first moved here, they were all three in elementary school. Time sure flies by. Sweetboy will graduate this year and I will miss him terribly when I have to go back to school without him there. He’s everywhere there…….oh the letting go! Stings!

Sweetboy @ Pep Session….he wears many hats at these games!

Ally and Lea…..looking so cute!

Touchdown bell…… only rang once on homecoming!

Victory or not……we still party like rockstars at the homecoming dance!

We lost! 21-7 Panthers tried but just couldn’t stand up to BNL. They were a tough team. The great fun stuff about homecoming still went on. The king and queen were chosen, the dance was the bomb and everyone made it home safely after a long day. It was a great homecoming!

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