The Sky Is Falling

With the latest news on our country’s finances, listening to my friends and co-workers issues, and facing my own giants. It’s no wonder our lives are S T R E S S E D !! Hubby’s final conclusion to the hives and swelling is stress. He’s over the top with it! Not having a job for four months and having the bills to prove it will do that to you. I’m praying for relief!

Today, I spoke with 3 different friends at work (all at different times during the day) and each one of them told me of the major stress they are under regarding their mortgages and bills. I thought I was alone! Not so. I knew completely how they were feeling. It is overwhelming! Jesus, come on back! We’re ready!

On to something I can’t believe I am even going to say….. Yesterday, my husband’s young 22 year old cousin shot two men, killing one of them. It has been proven by videotape to have been self-defense but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. They were at a party and a fight broke out. The two shooting victims attacked the cousin, beating him up pretty badly. A weapon was obviously his choice of protection. I’m broken-hearted for the entire situation. The authorities are not going to charge him and have asked the family to get him out of the state. The victim was a known drug dealer that had been eluding police for some time. The prosecutor’s are concerned for the cousin’s life.

I can’t fathom this as a parent. My kids aren’t party kids. They have had rules to follow and standards to uphold as a member of my family. Sometimes, I’ve thought….we’re too hard on them.
But not really. Consequences are more painful the older you get. Why not hold them to the fire while they are young and the costs aren’t so high? Give them boundaries! Teach them to honor and to understand the value of other’s.

After a day like today….I can’t help but feel like the sky is falling. God, I know you are there….and I trust you. Help us make sense out of the craziness going on in our world. Show us your ways and make us more like you. Bring your glory forth and reign down your mercy. We love you, Lord. We need you, Lord.

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