How Deep Is My Love?

This morning’s sermon was titled, “Love Deeper”. It’s all part of our study, Live Like You Were Dying. I was running a little late for worship, I went in after the music had started. So, of course, all eyes were on me as I made my way to an empty spot to sit. Awkward! But, no biggie! I quickly pushed the world aside and fell into worship……sorta.

The reason I say sorta is…..I’m stressed about some stuff. I have a few issues that are stealing my joy and one of them has to do with church. I won’t go into details, but know that I covet your prayers for this situation. Dang that satan! He’s wicked obnoxious!

As Pastor Bob began preaching, he asked a simple question. Since becoming a Christian, is your heart growing bigger and SOFTER or is it smaller and HARDER? I knew right then….God was sending me a red flare! ALERT!!! WANDA WARNING!!! BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! I’d like to believe that my heart is soft….but friends, it’s not! I’m guilty of being a total jerk! I can be coldhearted and unforgiving! If I’m wounded or hurt by someone….my flesh instinctively wants to hurt back. I’m weak and I admit it. I fail, horribly!

While I listened to him speak the truth, I prayed for my hard heart. I asked God to forgive me for my inability to love other’s like He has instructed me to do. I want my heart to grow soft and be usable by God. It made me think of my new class on Wednesday nights. We didn’t know anyone in the group. But I realized, God has us just where He wants. He has strategically placed each person in that class for a reason. For hubby and I….we have work to do. God is relying on us to reach and touch these people with His love.

He ended the service with two steps to loving deeper.

Step 1) Do the unexpected! He used the story of Mary washing Jesus’ feet with the expensive nard and then wiping it with her hair. That was unexpected….and extravagant! How do I love extravagantly? What do I give up that matters to me to show God just how much I love him? Not much. I’m weak. I hoard my treasures and live selfishly oftentimes.

Step 2) Do the unaffordable! Same story of Mary….but this time using the expense of her gift. Judas complained that it could’ve been sold and the money used to feed the poor. We all know that Judas was wanting the money for himself. What do I give up for the love of God, monetarily? Do I give everything I have? Do I share with those in need and do I give my very best? That was the model given to us by the early church. The believer’s were one in heart and mind….no one claimed any of his possessions as his own….they shared everything they had. Seems like we’ve lost that in our world today.

I ran into a sweet older couple from church at Wallyworld on Friday. After we finished our conversation I started to walk away when the husband turned back to me and said, “I’m really proud of you!”. I stopped and said back, “Huh, for what?”. He then shared that someone in my new class was telling them all about hubby and I leading LLYWD. She told them she loves it and is so excited to be in there with us!!! What a sweet love message from God! Thank you, Lord. I needed that!

Then, tonight. As I was working on this post, an email came through from a very unassuming person in my class. A couple. It was a sweet note of encouragement to hubby and I. Also, they wanted us to know just how much they are loving the class. What a blessing! I’m feeling extra deep in the love of God.

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