Debate Time

I don’t know if you read Angie Smith’s blog, Bring The Rain….but her hubby, Todd Smith of the Christian group Selah is at the debate tonight.  Too cool!  I have noticed him several times, he’s on the front row and wearing a green shirt.  How awesome!

I hope you are watching and listening to these men.  It is so important that we as Americans know the truth behind each of them (if that’s even possible).  We have to be informed and willing to step out on what we know is right!  Our election is of utmost importance.  I pray that God will put the man that belongs in that position… that position.

I’m almost sick of hearing any news…..whether it be the election or the bail out problems.  I can’t believe where my country is sitting economically.  I do not blame President Bush for any of it.  He’s not the sole provider of our country’s problems.  Washington has a lot more helpers than just the President when it comes to our current situation.  We must pray for these people…..and ask God to bless them and our country.

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