Huh, Me….THE Nurse?

Alright before you panic…..I’m not giving out any shots or even doing brain transplants (although it could be helpful if I were). It’s all part of my J O B ! The In-House sub life is one of major glamour and prestige, people! Why on any given day I could be doing a power point in an AP U.S. History class or down at the nurse’s office handing out Adderall! Yes, it’s all that and a pack of crackers too.  I know you’re jealous!

Our school nurse is out for the whole week. She is helping take care of her ill father. So who else can they send in to that hot-spot but me? I’ll tell ya, it’s times like these that I wish I wasn’t a “know-it-all”. That’s what I was told yesterday by one of my girls……a not so nice friend called me a “know-it-all”! Hrmmph! WHATEVER! I am pretty smart! I mean, come on….would they send just any moron to be the school nurse? Duh, NO! They save that for the “suckers”! JK, ya’ll. I’m happy to do it! Well, not happy but obedient. That whole slaves obey your masters scripture……I’m living it!

It’s not so horrible being the nurse…it’s just that I hate tragedy type stuff. First thing off this morning, a FIGHT (boys…not as bad as girls…but come on) and this kid was bleeding all over the place. I’m not so good with bloody people. I’ve never even had a spark of interest in nursing…..I’m a teacher!!!

Then the day just snowballed into a constant flow of patients. They came in for headaches, stomach aches, personal items, just to lay down (long weekend, too tired), head checks, blood sugar checks and the list goes on. One girl even came in for me to check her smoker patch! Did you hear me????? A smoker patch! I almost fell out laughing! For realz!  Then come to find out, it was her grandmother’s prescription…NOT HERS!

I’d like to encourage you today. Whatever you are doing, do it with all your heart. Let God shine through you and blow people away with your zest for whatever it is. You never know the life you are touching. I read something yesterday about a guy who planned to end his life by jumping off of a bridge. He told himself, if nobody talks to me or tries to stop me…..I’m going to jump! Guess what? No one did and he jumped! He is one of only a few to have ever survived this jump. He has a new grasp on life today…but he says….do your part to make someone feel great. Smile and speak kind words. You may never know who’s heading to jump!

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