I Won!


Did I tell you……I won something? Oh yes I did! Over at Home Sanctuary (THE fabulous Rachel Anne’s blog) I entered her contest last week and shazam! I won a book, ya’ll. I love books, just come by and….you’ll see that I’m quite the nerd. I have books everywhere! So, woohoo to me! And, thanks to Rachel.

I know God loves to work in strange ways in my life (not surprising…I’m just weird). So this book, Leap of Faith by Ellie Lofaro, has to be just what God wants for me right now. I am more than convinced that within its pages is a message sent just for ME! Whatta you think? I’m ready God, bring it on! My life has been one giant leap of faith….so what’s another reminder?


Today’s message was on forgiveness.  As we entered the sanctuary the usher’s handed out rocks. During the sermon the pastor carried around a large rock and he spoke of how we gladly carry around such heavy junk daily. Boy, he’s got my number. I’m a junk dragger, for sure! At the end, he invited us to forgive and to place our rocks on the altar. Not everyone went forward and he reminded them to hang on to their rocks.

What are you carrying around? For Pastor Bob, he had a 45 year old grudge.  But not anymore! God truly has the power to help us forgive and heal.  Why is it so hard?  Horrible things happen in life…..hanging on to them only poisons us more.  It’s all a deadly trap!  My prayer for you this week is that you would let go of whatever the enemy has strapped to you.  Refuse to go one more day bound to a rock of unforgiveness.  Trust Him with it and live free.  Now that’s winning!


Luke 18:7  “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?”

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