Ebenezer Stone

If you’ve read the story of how the Israelites smoked the Philistines in 1 Samuel 7, then you are familiar with the Ebenezer stone. Just the story I needed to hear tonight. For I am someone in need of deliverance. My heart is filthy and is overflowing into my head which is spilling out onto those around me. I need to rid me of what doesn’t belong….sin, idols, distractions.

So many times God has rushed in for me and and did His thing–giving me victory over something that was consuming me. I recognize that He is always looking out for me, but it can be so hard to see when I’m wallowing in the pit. My deep and trusty pit. The pit I don’t belong in….but I jump in gladly. What is it about those pits? Why is it so easy to fall in? Satan is so crafty, he works diligently to keep you and me there. Be aware, friend!

I know stress has been a much blogged about topic lately. I’ve shared about hubby and his wild hives all over. Life is just crazy and the results aren’t so pretty. But, we can’t give up! That’s why I’m thinking about the Ebenezer stone……Samuel told the Israelites that they needed to clean it up! (their….sins…hard hearts…..idol worship….) They needed redemption. So they repented and fasted, crying out to the Lord. God heard them and He intervened. He does the same for you and me.

How has God intervened for me in my past? Oh boy, in SO many ways! It only feels appropriate for me to share some of them. What about you? Has He rescued you in a circumstance that just didn’t seem possible to get out of? Make your own list….then see how your thankfulness grows. I want to think on these things tonight and not my problems. I hope you can do the same.

My Ebenezer Stones (Thus far…the Lord has helped me)

No insurance when I was pregnant with Gavin——I sold hand-made bunnies & paid for insurance each month. In the delivery room, the Dr. noticed a problem and that Gavin would be in NICU for an unknown time. $17,000 later…..we had the insurance coverage that helped pay that bill.
Thank you God for intervening!

Hubby was on patrol as a police officer on a midnight shift. A teenage boy started shooting randomly at he and his partner—–the partner was shot in the back of the head, the bullet grazed him causing permanent head injury but not death. Had he moved from his position….the bullet would have hit my hubby in the face, most likely fatally. The partner, became a stay-at-home dad to his three kids.
Thank you God for intervening!

While in seminary, we were PO! It was tough! But somehow we were the wealthy of our friends and God used us many times to feed other ministry families and friends. It was the best time of our lives.
Thank you God for intervening!

After church one Sunday, we went to lunch with an elderly couple that we loved dearly. We stopped at their house on our way home. Hubby decided to take the kids for a ride on the four-wheeler. As he was putting it away our middle child Ally hopped on to ride with him to the barn. When he cranked it up the ATV stood up on it’s back wheels and took off… hitting a house and flipping over on them. She took the force of the crash in the face, ripping open her forehead. He took the full weight of the machine on his body badly hurting his hand. We rushed her to the hospital an HOUR away….a plastic surgeon was there within the hour. Her face is still beautiful!
Thank you God for intervening!

and more….

Moved to a new place…..made new friends!
Lost a job……got a better one!
Been hurt by someone I love……been affirmed by someone unsuspected!
Felt alone and excluded………been reminded HE’S ALWAYS WITH ME!
Experienced fake and shallow friendships…….known deep committed lifetime FOREVER friends too!
Had misery in my marriage……given a new view of how to love, forgive and accept!

Thank you God for intervening! I feel more than blessed to share that you are always victorious in my life! Help me live that way. Mighty provider, God!

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