Seen Your Night! AKA: SENIOR NIGHT!

He said I would cry and get all mommed up emotional! Ughhhh No, I didn’t! Maybe that’s how I’ll be after the Christmas month comes and goes. Last night I felt great! Very proud and excited for him. He’s been a great kid and has put his whole heart into every activity he’s taken on. WAY TO GO GAV-MAN! You make me proud!

I’ve watched year after year from the stands parents and their senior teens walk across that field arm in arm. I had no idea that I would blink my eyes and be out there myself so soon. Time flies when you’re raising a family, working and trying to make it in this world. I have a great respect for the parents who’ve gone before me and let their kids go. I’ve been told it’s not easy. I’m learning a little more everyday.

It’s been so cool having Gavin around at school. When we moved here, he was in 6th grade and I was teaching 10th grade English and a Creative Writing class. I couldn’t see that far ahead….to the day he would be walking those same halls with me. Everytime I’ve run into him….my heart feels a spark. No one can describe to you how your heart will feel when you have a baby. Mine has been madly in love with my kids! They fill me up! Thank you God for sharing them with me.

Since Gavin is a lifter for cheerleading and in the band…..he was honored twice. We walked across before the game for cheerleading and at half-time with the band gang. Both were oddly awkward. From our view, you can’t tell if people are watching and celebrating with you or just going on about their business of finding seats and ordering food from concessions. Either way, we claimed our moment in JCHS history and celebrated our senior and his accomplishments in both activities. With SMILES on! 🙂

We’ll get to do this one more time during basketball season. I know it will be a little different then. The end of the school year will be fast upon us by that time. My tears may show up that night. I want to embrace every moment with him and cherish it. I’ve invested all of me into him (and his sisters). How could I not be a little boohoo-ey!? Letting go and trusting God with his life is something I’ve practiced everyday since God gave him to me. I’m growing up too, ya see?

So Sweetboy…..Happy “Seen Your” Night to you! I’ve seen your worse (not too much of that), I’ve seen your best (a whole heaping bunch of that) and I couldn’t be more proud of you! Thank you for honoring God with your life!  I LOVE YOU!!!  Mama!

Walking with our Sweetboy

Proud to stand beside him!

Being nosey….haha! Naaah, we’re happy for our neighbors!

Deut. 30:19b “Today I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life so that you and your descendants may live, 20) love the LORD your God, obey Him, and remain faithful to Him. For He is your life”.

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