Hot Lips? Well, Sorta!

Remember hubby and the allergic reactions? Well, they are still going on. Not everyday, just here and there when you least expect it. Last night on our way out the door of the church….he hopped in the car and said….”Does this look normal?”. His bottom lip was beginning to swell and NO, IT DIDN’T LOOK NORMAL! It looked weird!

Beginning of reaction…

By the time we arrived home… the top lip was swelling a little. Within 45 minutes he looked like this!! ALERT!! Not for the fainthearted…..look away if you gross out easily!

Notice the eye swelling as well. This is just crazy! We have gone through every. single. little. thing. trying to sort out WHAT it could be that’s doing this to him. There is nothing! Some days he is fine…then bam! he breaks out all over. One day it might be his tongue swelling or his body is covered in hives or his lips and eyes swell. He’s taken so much Benadryl that he’s permanently kooky from it.

I know what you’re going to say…. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!! I’ve tried that one! He says he will…then nothing happens for a few days and he thinks he’s okay. This has been happening since we had the hurricane Ike winds wreck our county. I’m wondering….if there’s a connection!?!

He’s been in bed most of today (pumped up on Benadryl as usual) and some of the swelling is down. But he’s still a big ole mess! Pray….friends….pray!

I want him to look like this again! Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me I had helmet hair?

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