I Forgive You

Three simple words.

But not to everyone.

Is there someone you need to forgive?

What’s stopping you?

I’m on my last week of living on this earth (according to my bible study LLYWD) and I have to question my own heart. Who am I harboring unforgiveness against? Why? Do I really think it doesn’t matter? I know it matters. Look at the bitterness that rears it’s ugly head when I least expect it. Oh it matters! So I pray, “God pierce my heart…..do NOT let me rest until I get it right!” I don’t want to die with it in my heart. Or theirs.

I’ve learned some things in my 42 years here on earth. People are similar in many ways. Especially in the sin nature (no duh….we’re all sinners!) and we tend to follow the path of least resistance. We like to go where it’s easiest. So being vulnerable and saying, “I’m sorry” is not so easy for some people. Matter of fact, it can be nearly impossible. Our flesh struggles against being in a position of weakness. For some, saying those words makes them feel as if they are admitting they are weak. For other’s maybe it’s a hardened heart. Either way, we live trapped in it. Unforgiven and unforgiving!

If I put things into perspective, I can see that holding onto unforgiveness separates me from all that God has for me. His peace, His understanding, His mercy, His grace and maybe even from feeling His love. All because I can’t let go and forgive. It doesn’t sound worth it, does it? I don’t want to be separated….I want to be connected and for that connection to be rock solid tight.

What if? Tomorrow doesn’t come? Have I righted all my wrongs? Am I at peace with the junky stuff in my life? I can’t help but think of what my Lord has done for me. He’s offered me forgiveness for so much. I could never match it. I want to love like Him and see like Him. Mold me Lord and make me like you. Forgive me for not trusting you in ALL ways and trying to handle things in my own power. I’m sorry!

Now for the homework……Dr. Smalley challenged each of us to write out a list. Yes, a list! Anyone that has hurt or offended us…put them down. Pray and pray…..oh yea….and pray! Ask God to forgive you for whatever it is you are holding on to. You may have to do it repeatedly, some wounds are deep. Then begin forgiving them, go to them and get it right. Make peace one person at a time. Don’t run from it any longer. Live like you were dying!

I forgive you………………..

Romans 12:18 “If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone.”

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