Is This All I Do?

I know what you are going to say….when I tell you that tonight was another concert! Is that all this chic does? Go to some show put on by her kids? Good grief, lady! Well, after this last week it would seem so. I’ve been to 4 different “shows” that one or two of my kids are performing in just this past week. Whew! I’m exhausted! Not to mention I turned another year older in the midst of it all! Geez!

Gates hasn’t even had her big shin-dig yet. She is in show choir at the middle school and her group is called “Una Voce” (one voice). This is a great year for her. She’s in 8th grade so that right there makes her rank as big dog on campus. Her choir teacher is brand spanking new and THE MOST FUN!!! Yay Mrs. Thompson!
She is doing all sorts of exciting things with the group. So we are very excited for their fall performance (Oct. 28). Go Miss Gates! Can’t wait to see those beautiful costumes.

We watched sweetboy do his thing with both bands tonight. He plays the baritone (a funny looking tuba/trumpet thingy) and is darn good at it, ya’ll! He plays trumpet and owns two of them, but changed to baritone last year sometime. He’s versatile like that. Talented dude! I’m so glad my kids all love music…’s in their DNA!

This Friday night is senior night at the game. Sweetboy thinks I won’t be able to deal with it. Pshaaw! I got this! I can do it. We still have all school year to love on him and take care of him and pay his bills. 
What’s a little honoring seniors going to do to me? I’m rock solid on this. I can take it! Oh shoot! Who am I fooling? I’m nuts about this kid! I may cry a little. He’s my first baby, ya’ll! He’s been so precious his whole life….I’ve loved mama’n him. Congratulations to you son! Go class of 09!

Some tonight pictures!

Jazz Band (fancy pants band) heehee

Marching Band…..tuba guy to the left? Is sweetboy’s BFF, Gavin Regan! Yea, I said Gavin! 🙂

I loved their newest song addition…..Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train!

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